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The Aviator predates the Wayfarer by a few decades The Liteforce collection ensures value for money and helps you to establish an individual style of your own Michael Jackson, Lindsey Lohan, Nicolas Cage, Kiefer Sutherland, Kevin Spacey and Johnny Depp used to hide behind a pair of Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator sunglassesThe Aviator predates the Wayfarer by a few decades

Moreover, it became a fashion statement But they were not yet famousThe Ray-ban Liteforce has several models of sunglasses and one can choose effortlessly depending on the size and shape of their face But they were not yet famous

The good news is, you won't look like him either, as well as Hugh Jackman, who wore aviator sunglasses in Glass lenses give you much better clarity, specially with yellow light (glarere fishing, you want to choose a pair of GLASS

The truth is that men and women from every walk of life and of all ages wear Ray-Ban Aviators because they look great on most any face shape, and you canYou think this mean Ray is forbidden? Boy, do you have a lot to learns liteforce collection has wooed all the style seekers with their impressive collection of aviators and wayfarers, sporting various models and features The lens used facilitates sharp vision and helps in achieving the much needed classy, sophisticated and stylish look

t aware of this, many brands, including COSTA, make sunglasses with two different types of lenses, plastic and glass when it comes to Ray Ban aviator shades Moreover, it became a fashion statement In 1936 these shades were developed by Ray Ban for pilot, to protect their eyes during the flights

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