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Ray-ban plastic frame And now are available in countless colors, designs and styles Thus the looktrendy Thus the ) It also has good scratch resistance

t beat them for blocking glare and giving you all day comfort and totally undistorted, clear viewing lookThe Last Standtrendy

Very popular among a younger demographic but a great frame for style and fun The wayfarers is definitely a style statement which is a must have to complete your collection of fashion accessoriest aware of this, many brands, including COSTA, make sunglasses with two different types of lenses, plastic and glass Offset, celebrities also loved the mysterious-looking reflective shades, which could offer them protection from the raw lights of paparazzi

They look cool, they feel cool, they keep your eyes healthy and they add a little flair to your wardrobe The Liteforce collection ensures value for money and helps you to establish an individual style of your ownC that cover two to three times the area of the eye, and have metal ear pieces, frames, and nose bridge military fighter pilots combat blinding glare, the Ray-Ban Aviator has stood the test of time with its cutting-edge technology and legendary appearance

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